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Safe hospitality

Our precautions = your safety 

We want to offer you reliable, relaxed vacation days with the greatest possible security. As our guest, you should be able to fully enjoy your well-deserved break in the mountains, skiing in one of the world's best ski areas and all other activities in the snow, as well as culinary delights and sustainable relaxation. We conscientiously implement the government's requirements and follow all guidelines. 


Because your health and the health of our staff is the greatest reward and out of consideration for our particularly vulnerable neighbors. Even if we all have to do without shaking hands at the moment - we will not allow a friendly smile behind the mask from a safe distance to be taken away!

A perfect holiday in all safety

Safety precautions at Hotel Plattenhof

Please wash and sanitize your hands frequently. We offer santizing dispensers at various locations throughout the hotel. Furthermore we implement a strict cleaning concept in addition to our exceptional services in all departments. 

Mutual consideration and responsibility towards others are most important to get through these times. Even more so when you are on holiday. If you show symptoms before you travel, please DO NOT initiate travel. If you show symptoms during your stay with us, please DO NOT come to the front desk or any staff member, but stay in your room and contact us by telephone. We can then start the procedures and get you the assistance you need. Most importantly, DO NOT PANIC

We offer contactless check-out. Please use your credit/debit cards to settle your bill.

Culinary delights

Lots of privacy in our different dining rooms 

The spaciousness of our various dining rooms and "Stuben" is an advantage especially during these times and becomes our guests marvellously. In addition we plan plenty of space between our tables and  booths.  

You will be assigned a fixed table for all your meals upon arrival. This convenience makes even more sense now. 

You will be required to wear a face mask whenever you enter the restaurant or move between tables and buffets. 

Wellness and Fitness

Be responsible when relaxing 

Our pool and sauna area are open at the moment. In accordance to government regulations we enforce strict sanitation procedures that, however, do not limit or diminuish our offers in place. Not all services may be available at certain times. It goes without saying that even in the wet areas we need to avoid crowds and our staff will be on hand to enforce social distancing rules

We sanitize all fitness equipment on a regular basis. However, sanitizing solutions and paper towels are at your disposal. We urge you to sanitize the equipment before and after each use

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