Massages at the Hotel Plattenhof

A new level of relaxation

Our expert masseurs know exactly how to make the aches and pains of a long day in the mountains disappear. Several massages and treatments are available, focusing on:

  • regeneration,
  • relaxation,
  • beauty,
  • specific body parts.

Contact us to book an appointment.

Massages last between 25 and 85 minutes, giving guests plenty of time to unwind.

Our range of massages

The Classic Swedish Massage is a soothing massage which can be adapted to refresh tired legs after sporting activities like skiing. The special grips employed accelerates the removal of toxins and metabolic products from the muscles.

Duration: 25, 40, 55 min.

This traditional massage using hot stones rejuvenates tired muscles after sporting activities, thereby accelerating recovery and improving performance.

Duration: 55 min.

This massage incorporates pouches of fresh mountain hay dipped in warm oil. These pouches complement the standard full-body massage with their sweet, natural smell to relax both body and mind. A great massage for guests looking for new energy.

Let go

A winter break is perfect for treating body and soul to something good. We will gladly send you an offer.