• fun in the snow holiday Lech

Fun in the snow

Winter wonders right at the front door

Slide down from the hill behind Plattenhof with a sledge, build the highest snow man in the neighborhood and draw a snow angel in the fresh powder snow. Our extensive gardens, which are exclusive for our guests, invite to all the outdoor fun possibly imaginable. Plenty of space to roam around. Because we know kids have excessive energy that needs to be taken care of. Here are some suggestions to make the best of outdoor fun in the fresh, crisp mountain air

Plattenhof benefits
for your family holiday in Lech
  • plenty of play options right at the front door 
  • exclusive garden to rollick around
  • Open-air activities
  • Creativity is stimulated in the fresh snow
  • away from the smartphone, indulge into nature

Play dates 

in deeply snowed-in woods 

Leave your mark in the fresh snow or gather nature's bounty to create a piece of art. Children are known for immense creativity, follow unknown tracks or marvel at wild animals, that they only saw in pictures. All this can happen on an extended hike with family in and around town. And after this dose of fresh air our 6-course gourmet dinner menu and the childrens menu will become a feast.

Riding a sledge or toboggan

... and off we go! 

A small hill and a sledge is all a kid needs to be entertained for hours on end. A little motivation for some physical activity and a dash of creativity let you create home-made obstacles for even more fun.  That is way to pass some fun hours on the small behind the hotel. Alternatively, gather the rest of the family for a trip with the Oberlechbahn to the big toboggan run. 

Snowball fight

Snow & fun

Most things come and go, a good old-style snowball fight with your siblings or grandparents however will never go out of fashion. 


with the family

Ice-skating is a classic among family winter activities. There is a natural ice skating rink in Zürs which opens every day at 3pm, except Saturdays.  Then there is the only hotel-owned ice skating rink of Europe in Lech. Glide elegantly over 300m2 of perfectly prepared ice at Jagdhaus Monzabon. It is accessible for outside guests for a small entrance fee. Skates can be rented too on location. Curling is also scheduled on some days. 

Wildlife feeding

Rare spectacle near your hotel

To observe wildlife in nature is already a rare excitement. But to assist our park rangers when they fill the feeding stations and then wait for the shy animals to appear right before dusk, is the highlight for any nature-loving person.  

In Lech you have this incredible opportunity to observe wildlife feeding - and it is in close proximity to our Hotel Plattenhof! The feeding takes place in the Engerle-wood, adjacent to the hotels property and is reachable by foot in a few minutes. 

  • Observation schedule: during winter each Wednesday at dusk 
  • guided tours to observe wildlife: twice a week (reservations required at Tourist-Info Lech-Zürs)

For more information and to bookings, please contact us here.

Build not just one snowman 

- build the entire family! 

Winter wouldn't be winter without at least one snowman. But to top it, you can create an entire family out of snow here in Lech. Because there is plenty of time and plenty of snow to create snow-daddy, snow-mommy, snow-grandma and snow-grandpa! Beware, this could become a tradition and could be even more fun for the grown-ups!



Last, but not least!

This suggestion is rather pointless, but we ought to mention it anyway. Those who vacation in Lech during winter have their skiing trips on a fixed schedule most likely.  And if you need kids lessons even better, the tutors at Arlberg Ski area are among the best world-wide and will put your little ones in no time on the "two boards that mean the world" in this latitude ! 


Enticing after hours in the freezing outdoors! 

After hours of outdoor fun in freezing temperatures, Plattenhof awaits with a generous sauna worldfor adults and a lagoon-size heated pool for young & old. The insider has already booked a massage session well ahead!

wellness hotel Lech Arlberg
Our tip

Winter delight

sort out offers now! 

A family vacation is the best opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors. Set up your base-camp at Plattenhof now! 

The next winter is sure to come!


The Plattenhof starts the winter season again on 12.12.2024. And to ensure that your ski holiday 2024/25 in Lech is also possible on the desired date, we recommend an early booking.


We look forward to your visit to the Plattenhof!

The Schneider family & the Plattenhof team