• winter hiking Lech Arlberg

Winter hiking in Lech am Arlberg

Leave your tracks in winter wonderland

Fluffy powder snow, mountain panoramas all around and that wonderful open feeling created by the vastness of the landscape. The area also offers endless space and time in the truest sense of the word for winter walks that soothe the mind and recharge the batteries.

The mountains of Lech-Zürs am Arlberg provide the setting for a 40 km network of winter hiking trails. From lovely paths to specially prepared routes, winter enthusiasts will find a variety of trails that stretch across the snow-covered slopes, through forests or along the river, the Lech.

The vastness of the valley

& the beauty of the surrounding landscape

Close to our Plattenhof, there are truly miles-long trails to walk for exercise enthusiasts. In the process, the sheer beauty of the surroundings makes you forget everything else that keeps your mind occupied.

The lungs fill with the purest air. You breathe deeper and more relaxed as if by magic. Meter by meter, you can feel how the weight of our daily life recedes into the distance. Even far into the Zug valley, you will find rustic places to stop and sunbathe, ideal for lingering and enjoying a bite to eat - for example, the 300-year-old Älpele Inn.

„Endless walks and many hours of sunshine – that is what makes winter hiking great here.” 
Claudia Schneider

Suggested routes

for winter hiking in and around Lech am Arlberg

With this easy hike you get to explore the small hamlet of Zürs.

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 1,1 km 
  • time frame: 0:45 h 
  • altitude meters: 24 hm up, 24 hm down
  • notes: easy family hike with places to eat & drink 

Families, even with small children, appreciate this charming walk through the woods.

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 3 km 
  • time frame: 0:30 h 
  • altitude meters: 77 hm up, 29 hm down
  • notes: family-friendly tour with places to stop and eat & drink 

A bit more challenging, this hike pays off with marvellous landscape and unobstructed views.

  • difficulty: high
  • distance: 3,4 km 
  • time frame: 1:24 h 
  • altitude meters: 363 hm up, 23 hm down
  • notes: greatest distance views and places to eat & drink - option to take the cable car

Oberlech – has made a name in the arts & culture movement thanks to the artist James Turrell who put a new highlight there: the Skyspace-Lech.

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 1,3 km 
  • time frame: 0:29 h 
  • altitude meters: 132 hm up, 8 hm down
  • notes: great views and places to stop - option to take the cable car

The Rud-Alpe offers unobstructed views of the Omeshorn, the surrounding mountain peaks in Zürs and the quaint church in Lech. Delicious food & drinks. Reservations recommended. 

  • difficulty: medium 
  • distance: 1,8 km 
  • time frame: 0:45 h 
  • altitude meters: 205 hm up, 0 hm down
  • notes: great views with places to stop and the option to take the cable car

This longer hike goes through the fantastic Zug valley and ensures that hustle & bustle arae left behind.

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 10,3 km 
  • time frame: 2:49 h 
  • altitude meters: 151 hm up, 210 hm down
  • notes: round tour with places to eat & drink

The views on this round tour through small hamlets are a feast for the eyes.

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 3 km 
  • time frame: 0:55 h 
  • altitude meters: 115 hm up, 70 hm down
  • notes: family-friendly round tour with places to eat & drink

Seclusion from its best! Included a large sunny alp. 

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 5,7 km 
  • time frame: 1:45 h 
  • altitude meters: 268 hm up, 268 hm down
  • notes: not too easy round tour with great views - option to take the cable car

Altitude hiking

The "Sonnenabo"-Ticket

Even if skiing isn’t on the agenda, you can still experience the mountains. For those looking for an uncomplicated way to get to the top, the Arlberg offers the reduced-price "Sonnenabo" weekly ticket for cable car ascents and descents. Once up high, take advantage of winter hiking trails without a tiring uphill climb or simply ascend to bask in the sun and enjoy the magnificent views.

The price for the "Sonnenabo" weekly ticket is as follows (2020/21):

  • Euro 132,00 for adults
  • Euro 79,00 for children
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