• cross-country holiday Vorarlberg

Cross-country holiday in Vorarlberg

Magical trails around Hotel Plattenhof

Breathe in the clear winter air. Breathing and movement in rhythmic harmony. Cross-country skiing is a special kind of nature experience. It activates body and mind in a positive and persistant way.

This sport is rightly celebrating a comeback: More and more health-conscious people are devoting themselves to the Nordic fitness sport, which burns calories and enriches the soul. And especially in times of pandemic, when we spend an above-average amount of time indoors, this moving fresh-air cure, which incidentally strengthens the immune system, is particularly good for us.

Trails right at the Hotel
  • the good is sometimes quite near! As in the case of freshly tracked cross-country trails which passes by our hotel. 
  • more than 27 km of free trails for the classic and skating style
  • from flat to a soft climb, spiked with sprints and descents

Track suggestions

Cross-country-skiing in Lech-Zürs

This track starts in Zug and follows the rich nature of Zug valley. 

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 6,6 km
  • time frame: 1:15 h
  • altitude meters: 163 hm up, 127 hm down
  • Notes: roundtour with places to stop 

TIP: stop and indulge at 300-year-old Gasthaus Älpele – hot chocolate, Käsespätzle & Kaiserschmarren!

Advanced skiers and hikers alike thrive on these relatively low-frequented tracks which goes up to Flexenpass (1.773m) from Zürs and back.

  • difficulty: medium
  • distance: 2,2 km
  • time frame: 0:40 h
  • altitude meters: 55 hm up, 55 hm down
  • notes: lots of great views and stopping points

Following the river Lech to Zug goes this track through the enchanted forests and valley of Zug. It pays to stop and take in the scenery. The hamlet of Zug has lately become a mecca for gourmets - try Rote Wand or Gasthaus Älpele.

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 2,8 km
  • time frame: 0:40 h
  • altitude meters: 49 hm up, 0 hm down
  • notes: easy tour with resting places and eat & drink

Those who like it calm and idyllic choose this track towards Tannlägeralpe. The track is long but you can do just part of it, and turn around. Or stop for some local specialties at our Gasthaus Älpele along the way. 

  • difficulty: high
  • distance: 10,4 km
  • time frame: 2:46 h
  • altitude meters: 244 hm up, 119 hm down
  • notes: challenging tour with places to stop 

These lovely tracks take in all the landscape has to offer and starts at the bottom of Omeshorn mountain and follow river Lech through the forest to Zug. 

  • difficulty: easy
  • distance: 2,4 km
  • time frame: 0:47 h
  • altitude meters: 44 hm up, 18 hm down
  • notes: family-friendly tour

Gasthaus Älpele

A quaint stop-over right at the tracks

There is a quaint little Inn situated directly at the tracks. Gasthaus Älpele. It is worth to step inside these 300-year-old walls of this traditional Alpine hut for delicious drinks and foods - home-made, local & hearty. Kässpätzle & Kaiserschmarrn - and a hot chocolate to warm up!


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